Step-Parent Adoption Laws in NH

The idea of a child having two parents creates a sense of security that is unmatched by other family relationships. With some families, this relationship comes naturally and never needs legal intervention. For others, adoption is the way a family unit comes together. The firm of Laws & Demers, PLLC, understands the complexities of families in New Hampshire and how each family situation can be unique when compare to others. Our firm can help your family create the unit that works best for you, including help with step-parent adoptions.

The purpose of adoption in general is create a permanent and legally binding relationship between a parent and child. Step-parent adoption is often a term that is interchangeable with second parent adoption, yet it is different in a number of ways. A step-parent adoption is an option only when the step-parent is married to one of the biological parents. A second parent adoption doesn’t rely on marriage.

Benefits of Adoption

Adoption, particularly step-parent adoption, carries many benefits for the child and for the family unit in general. First of all, legally adopting a child gives them a legal name and sense of belonging that can’t be found outside of the realm of having that legal distinction. It also legally gives a child two parents and it means a child can inherit assets from that step-parent.

Going through the step-parent adoption process requires more than just wanting to be a parent to the child. It first means there must be the termination of parental rights of a known biological parent. This can take some time and become complicated for families. If a step-parent adoption is being pursued right after a child is born, a petition can be filed 60 days after birth. This process can be quicker compared to pursuing adoption of an older child. Also, a child over the age of 12 must give consent for the adoption.

Compassionate Attorneys Working For You

Families can be extremely complicated entities. Our family law attorneys have the compassion and understanding needed to work with families as they pursue this life-changing and important step in creating a legally binding family unit. If you are seeking to adopt a step-child or want to know more about the process and timeline, our firm can help. Laws & Demers, PLLC, can be your source for information, support, and guidance as you seek to expand and solidify a family. We will dedicate the time and energy needed to address your specific concerns and handle the legal process as quickly as possible so you can move forward as a family after a successful step-parent adoption. To schedule a consultation please contact us at 603-880-2000.